65,000 British tourists expected in Madeira between July and August

First off  come on England… 1-0

For now, the Delta variant of Covid-19 keeps the President of the Regional Government ‘only’ waiting for the evolution of the epidemiological situation. 13% of the active case are of the Delta Variant, which has been confirmed today.

Even more so at this stage where he announces the arrival of 65,000 British tourists, realizing that “in the next two months, 65,000 British citizens are expected to enter Madeira and Porto Santo.

Good news that he hopes does not mean an increase in positive cases in relation to the “residual” average of the last few weeks. But the warning remains: “If any more serious situation happens, we will take the necessary measures in order to keep the situation under containment and under control”.

As for the goal of group immunity, which he pointed to the end of the summer, he preferred not to risk validating or changing the target date, but stressing that “before it was 70%, now it is 85%” the percentage of immunization to guarantee immunity of group.

In this sense, it reinforces that the younger age groups will be included in the vaccination programs, also due to the emergence of “cases and transmission chains in the population that we believed to be more protected and which is currently also vulnerable to this variant, which are the youngest” .

From Diário Notícias

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