Albuquerque thanks Madeirans for their contribution to placing Region on the ‘green list’

The president of the Regional Government thanked, through a statement, the Madeirans and Porto-Santenses for their contribution to “the great victory that the Region has just achieved by seeing the United Kingdom recognize the justice of its arguments and its painstaking steps, replacing Madeira on your green list”.

Miguel Albuquerque indicates that “British, Scottish and Northern Ireland tourists (who have also put Madeira back on its green list) thus have an open path to visit our Region without having to carry out a mandatory quarantine on their return to their homeland”.

The government official recalls the steps taken by the executive he heads, “in a process permanently monitored by the secretary of Tourism, along with official British and Portuguese entities and which culminated in the Region’s return to the British green list”.

The President of the Regional Government claims that this is an “act of the most elementary justice”, underlining the residual amount of daily covid-19 cases that the Region presents, a fact reiterated in conversations with the Governments of Portugal and the United Kingdom and with the embassy of that country in Lisbon.

The contribution of the Madeirans and Porto-Santenses was given by the “civic responsibility, the effort of all and the compliance with the norms and prophylactic procedures decreed by the Regional Government, which allowed them to return to a list from which, they consider, they should not have left”.

Miguel Albuquerque takes the opportunity to reiterate, once again, the appeal for Madeirans to continue to scrupulously comply with the sanitary norms and the announced rules, underlining that this is crucial for Madeira to continue to present a controlled situation. Remember that, only in this way, the Region will be attractive to tourists who favor, in their search in the tourist market, a safe destination.

“The government official recalls that after Germany, the United Kingdom recognizes the pandemic situation in the region and the security of the destination, in those that are excellent news for tourism and for businessmen in the sector, but also for the entire economy of the region”, refers in a note to the media.

From Diário Notícias

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