Ordering from UK

Thanks to Susan for sending me her saga of getting a few net curtains delivered which weighed less than 2kg.


Thank you for your order, placed on 12th May 2021 10:56:38.

Delivery Method: European Delivery (DHL Europlus).

This is confirmation that order #224960 (N2G224960) has now been dispatched for next day delivery.
If your order was dispatched on a Friday you will receive your parcel on a Monday.

I then sent a message:

I have just checked my order status to find it was posted and I have not yet received it. I have just checked with DHL and they cannot trace it – can you please give me a tracking number.

Their reply:

Thank you for your email, I have tracked your order and this is showing as still in transit. Your order was dispatched with Royal Mail and the tracking number is:


This can be used to track your order at Royal mails tracking website.

Something wrong here – what happened to their delivery method – DHL?

I then obviously tracked it. It arrived in Lisbon on 2nd June, within one hour of its arrival it was returned to the UK with the message:

Import Suspension – Irregularities in customs requirements, the shipment will be returned.

Next message from firm: Thank you for your email, I’m sorry there has been a customs issue with the order. We will dispatch this DHL as soon as we receive it back.

14th Jun: 1st Message from firm: Thank you for your email. Yes, we have received the parcel back and are preparing to dispatch it today via DHL.

2nd Message: Further to my earlier email, after referring to the business owner, we are not able to send your parcel via DHL. We have Parcel Force available to us if this is acceptable?

My Reply: That is a disappointment, especially as you advertise DHL Euro Express on your order form.  Unless you can solve the customs problem, the only option is a refund as it looks like it will not arrive using the same system as you used the first time.

Their Reply:

Your order was previously dispatched using Royal Mail International Tracked service not by courier, hence why we are looking at dispatching via international courier this time and all the necessary paperwork will be downloaded for the parcel’s journey to you. Parcel Force can collect from us tomorrow and expected delivery to you is Monday 21st June.

I was then asked to confirm my address and postal code.

Wait for it – this was their reply on 15th June:

Further to your email confirming your address, we have investigated the cost of shipping by courier to the Island of Madeira. As this is not mainland Portugal the cost to ship this would be in excess of £60.00. As a company we make a loss on postage over the course of the year. You have paid £13.00 for postage so we are unable to process this shipment at a cost of over £60.00.

If you are able to arrange the collection yourself via a courier company we would be happy to refund the £13.00 paid by yourself for postage, alternatively we can refund the cost of the order in full.  We apologise that this was not picked up sooner, the address field entered on your order did not mention the Island of Madeira and it was not until we googled your postcode yesterday that we realised this was not mainland Portugal and asked for your confirmation.


I thought of Tobi as we all know he is in UK – quick email asking him to help and of course he said YES, parcel then sent to his address. It arrived within 24 hours and will fly back with him, hopefully his flight does not get cancelled.

I was happy to help Susan, and she now has her curtains which I dropped into her on Friday. 

It really seems its not worth ordering anything from the UK these days, idms there anyone out there who still is and companies you are using.?

I know things are worse since Brexit, but even before Brexit some postal and companies could just not get to grips that the islands are part of Portugal, or even in Europe, it has always been a case of will it arrive or won’t it… 


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