Pingo Doce allows the use of own packaging in all sections of stores in Madeira

The law that prohibits the use of plastic cutlery, straws, cotton swabs, shakers, or polystyrene for food containers, all plastic for single use, enters into force this Thursday 1st July in all Member States.

As of tomorrow, customers of Pingo Doce stores in Madeira, as in the rest of the country, will be able to use their own packaging to pack their fish, meat, bakery, take-away and delicatessen products.

In this way, the supermarket chain intends to go beyond the obligation imposed by the legislation that comes into force tomorrow, which focuses only on packages for ready-to-eat meals.

As a statement released today, “the packages brought by customers must be delivered at the respective service counters, the weight of the boxes being discounted from the final price of the product”. Containers must be in good condition, that is, clean and dry, free from odors, free of residues and with a functional lid. “For safety reasons, glass packages will not be accepted, as they pose a food safety risk in case of breakage”, says the same note.

From Diário Notícias

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