Trevor Kitchen Shows What a True Pathetic Human Being He Is

Remember the story I published on my blog about Trevor Kitchen,  the Swiss Bank you can read it here.

A few days after he sent me the links and said maybe it’s interesting for my blog, I told him I had put it on my blog already as people had sent me the links.
He thanked me and said he couldn’t find it on my blog so I sent him the link.
He just asked if I could change the photo to show him and the prison, which was on one of the news links which I did.
Now it seems the comment Steve has left upset him a bit, and he has non stop been attacking me personally, A rude comment was left on the post, and as its a first-time poster it needs to be approved, by the time I had seen this the same comment appeared 5 times from different people, but all needed to be approved, so I just put them all in the bin, but you can now read that comment here. Click to enlarge.

Since then I have just had emails of threats and personally attacking Me, My readers, and the Madeira people.

I want this blog post shared as much as possible, by all who read it.

Below I have taken screenshots of the full email conversation. I just can’t believe that someone can be so nasty, and I really hope that he will pay for these threats.

I have put the screenshots into a gallery to make them easier to read, just click to open.

Any good lawyers out there, please feel free to contact me.

Please Leave All Your Comments Below On This Blog Post, If Reading On Facebook, Click Through And Comment On Th Blog.

I also hope his own Lawyer Charles Poncet sees this abuse he has aimed at me for no reason whatsoever.