Authorities seek to identify decomposing body found in Ribeira Brava

The corpse found in Ribeira Brava in an advanced state of decomposition, on Saturday, is that of a man, said the PSP today, referring that mechanisms were triggered to determine his identity and the circumstances of death.

“From the examination carried out on the spot, it was not immediately verified that there were indications that could make one suspect intervention by third parties, and it is also not possible to indicate a probable cause of death”, clarifies the police authority in a written response to questions posed by Lusa.

As reported by the DIÁRIO, the decomposing body was found on the morning of Saturday, January 7, below the São Sebastião viewpoint, in Ribeira Brava.

The corpse was located, following a cleaning operation on agricultural land, close to a house that had been uninhabited for many years.

“Regarding the identity of the corpse, it was not possible to certify it due to its high state of decomposition, only knowing at the moment that it corresponds to a male individual”, says the PSP.

The Public Security Police said it had contacted the competent authorities, and the corpse was taken to the Legal Medicine Office, which, in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, will trigger mechanisms to determine its identity and the circumstances of death.

From Diário Notícias