Portuguese Actress Rita Pereira Didn’t Know Porto Santo Had An Airport

The Portuguese Actress Rita Pereira has never visited Porto Santo as she never knew it had an airport, the confession was made a few days ago and stunned all her fans and followers.Β 

Porto Santo airport was inaugurated 60 years ago, but there are still those who believe that access to the island can only be done by boat.

This seems to be the case of the actress and presenter, Rita Pereira, who justifies the reason why she was never on the golden island with the fact that she is afraid of taking a boat.

In response to a fan, in the ‘stories’ of the social network Instagram, the actress argues that before you could only go by boat and she has β€œa boating panic”.Β In fact, Rita Pereira was born in 1982, when Porto Santo airport was already 21 years old.

From Jornal Madeira

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