Works in Reis Magos without irregularities to be pointed out by the Environment Department

The renovation works on the Reis Magos promenade, in Caniço, under the responsibility of the Santa Cruz City Council, are proceeding at a good pace and without any irregularities detected by the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change (DRAAC). The regional director was at the site this afternoon and confirms that the intervention is proceeding on schedule.

The DIÁRIO received an indication that actions could be taking place without authorization in this work, namely the deposit of inert materials in an inappropriate location. However, the DRAAC is silent on this situation.

Manuel Ara de Oliveira admitted to the DIÁRIO that he had received complaints about the use of pebble stones, something that is not allowed by law, but this was not confirmed after a visit to the site and contact with the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

The local authority, which is responsible for the work, requested authorization from the DRA for the use of the public maritime domain, where the contract takes place. This authorization was given following the consultation of the various entities responsible for this, such as the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal.

Another complaint regarding this work was related to the deposition of rubble by the sea. “The rubble is the stone of a wall that is being demolished and some branches and dry leaves of trees”, explained the regional director for the Environment. CMSC informed that it is using this space to deposit this ‘surplus’ which will then be transported outside the work at a later stage.

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Some photos I took yesterday.

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