Incidence rate

Thanks to Harald for the numbers below.
Also thanks to Dietmar Weiß who sent me these graphs in the week, and thought they could be useful from time to time to see how the situation is in Madeira and Portugal.
The incidence diagrams have been drawn based on the daily bulletins published by Direção General de Saude (for Portugal) and the Secretaria Regional de Saúde e Proteção Civil de Madeira. The difference of last week’s figures and the most recent values, divided by the number of inhabitants in the counties (respectively: regions) give the 7-day incidence rate which is currently being regarded as the important criterion to estimate the spread of the Covid-19 virus amongst the local population.
For the Madeira county figures, the numbers of positive Covid-tests at the Airport have been deducted, as they are not part of the local pandemia scene.