“Madeira will vaccinate the entire population that wants to be vaccinated”

The statement was made by Pedro Ramos, the regional secretary with the Health portfolio.

During the ceremony for the awarding of diplomas to newly licensed nurses from the S. José de Cluny School of Nursing, the government official did not value the ‘break’ in the quantities of vaccines foreseen by Janssen and stressed that the list of vaccinated persons included young people aged 12 and over.

Regarding the imported covid-19 cases that have been registered in the last few days in the Region, Pedro Ramos did not clarify whether they are people already vaccinated or not, nor whether they have arrived in Madeira benefiting from the green corridor. Still, he was keen to point out that such cases have been filtered out upon arrival.

In this context, he recalled that “Madeira is not closed. Madeira is not in confinement. Madeira manages to control the entire situation and is seeking to control the entire situation of the evolution of the pandemic even at this stage in which we are”.

From Diário Notícias

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