Madeira’s first flight this morning diverted, and others canceled

This morning’s first flight to Madeira, connecting from Porto, diverged to Porto Santo Airport, due to the strong wind that persists in the eastern part of Madeira, which in the last hour reached a gust of up to 75 km/h and average wind of 48.6 km/h.

The TAP plane still made the usual waiting circles off the north coast of Madeira, ending up heading to the nearest alternative airport.

In the meantime, another four flights (arrivals and departures) planned for this morning have already been canceled, both originating in Lisbon, operated by TAP and easyJet.

On land, the Binter plane that makes the inter-island connection remains, and the first connection of the day is already significantly delayed.

Thus continues the saga of strong wind at Madeira Airport, where the warning will remain till 6pm today.

From Diário Notícias