Operation at Madeira Airport is normalized and 25 planes have already landed

The wind which has been disrupting the movement at Madeira Airport in the last two days, causing the cancellation of eight flights until the end of this morning, which affected hundreds of passengers, an airport source told Lusa.

According to the Madeira Airports website, the wind decreased and began to allow landings from 11:20 am and had already managed to land 17 of the scheduled planes by 5:30 pm. However, eight more planes managed to land in the last hour and a half until 19 hours.

However, adverse weather conditions forced some flights to diverge to other airports and the arrivals of airlines TAP (from Porto and Lisbon), easyjet (Lisbon), Edelweiss (Zurich), Jet.2 (Manchester) were eventually cancelled. , Iberia (Madrid), Transavia (Amsterdam) and Azores Airlines (Ponta Delgada).

These inbound flight cancellations affect the corresponding departures, which harmed hundreds of passengers. Connections are being rescheduled.

There are still eight flights to be confirmed with a scheduled arrival until 23:45, one of which is the inter-island flight from Porto Santo.

In the opposite direction, 10 departures are planned until at least 22:25, but some of these already depart before 20:00.

From Diário Notícias