Strong wind at the airport makes two more planes divert

The strong wind is again causing problems this Monday with operations at Madeira Airport.

The Jet2 flight, originating from London, has already made several attempts to approach the runway, but still without success. The aircraft is currently flying over Santa Cruz, waiting for a ‘window’ to land on the Madeiran runway.

Another flight from the same company, but from Manchester, was also supposed to land in Funchal, but after several attempts it ended up going to Porto Santo, where it should land in a few moments.

The EasyJet flight from Porto is also waiting to land in the Region.

Before, the aircraft coming from Helsinki also failed to land in Madeira and ended up going to the Canary Islands Airport.

This morning, the gusts of wind have already reached 75 km/hour.

From Diário Notícias

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