British Navy ocean research vessel is in the port of Funchal

The ship HMS Scott, the ocean research vessel belonging to the British Navy, arrived at the port of Funchal today. The 131 meter vessel had been sailing for about 24 days, after leaving Gibraltar.

The HMS Scott was built in 1997 and has a number of sonar systems and data processing equipment to map the ocean floor around the world, as well as other systems to collect weather data.

The ship has the capacity to remain at sea for 300 days a year, with a crew of 42 people, and the staff have a rotating schedule that allows them to enjoy vacations.

The purpose of this crew is to navigate the world in order to gather information that can be used for operational and planning plans.

The ship departed on its most recent mission at the beginning of June, after a period of maintenance and training. The route passes through the North Atlantic for data collection.

Upon its departure from England, the Royal Navy published an article in which it explained the contents of this trip and left some curiosities. In addition to the equipment needed to fulfill its mission, HMS Scott brings with it large-scale supplies: 1,800 sausages, 3,000 eggs, 6,000 slices of bacon, 500 liters of washing up liquid and 1,440 rolls of toilet paper.

According to Commander Tom Harrison, “This ship’s unique role means it is at times the anonymous hero of the Royal Navy.” “Operating thousands of miles from land, it sometimes gets a little off the radar, but the work is vital for safety and security and, as such, vital for our nation,” he concluded in the same report.

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