Find out where PSP radars will be positioned in August in Madeira

The Public Security Police has already disclosed on its Facebook page the sites where it will carry out radar inspections this August.

Find out where these speed control operations that take place within the scope of the ‘Who warns me…’ program are going to be carried out.


03/Ago/21 13H00 VR 1 – Gaula – Santa Cruz

10/Ago/21 07H00 ER 104 Rocha Alta – Ribeira Brava

10/Ago/21 14H00 Estrada Monumental – Funchal

12/Ago/21 08H00 Rua da Ribeira de João Gomes – Funchal

13/Ago/21 08H00 Caminho de Santa Quitéria – Funchal

16/Ago/21 14H00 Av. Sá Carneiro – Funchal

18/Ago/21 13H00 VE 3 Túnel do Doutor – Calheta

25/Ago/21 14H00 VE – Machico

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