Municipality claims “correction” in signage that omits São Jorge

This Monday, the office of President Dinarte Fernandes sent the regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures, Pedro Fino, a letter requesting the “correction” of the signs placed next to the new roundabout, in Ribeira de São Jorge. At issue is the work of the expressway between the Ribeira de São Jorge and the Arco de São Jorge, whose section to São Jorge, should be inaugurated even before the elections.

Although the new expressway to the parish of São Jorge is practically completed and about to open, the graphic notice placed on the pre-signpost, which indicates the directions to be followed from the new roundabout, does not ‘signal’ São Jorge, but only the Arco de São Jorge and São Vicente.

The CDS mayor’s office has already officially expressed its displeasure, when noting that “it was verified by the population of São Jorge that the name of the Parish is not on the vertical signpost recently placed next to the roundabout”. Dinarte Fernandes makes it clear that “the incalculable value of the connection work is not at issue, but the respect for the name of the Parish and its customers”, he points out.

Reasons for having asked Pedro Fino to undertake “the correction of the aforementioned signs”

From Diário Notícias


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