Nadeira is under yellow warning for warm weather, due to persistently high values ​​of maximum temperature. In RAM, São Vicente was the municipality with the highest temperature values, having registered 28.0ºC until noon this Sunday.

Until 12:00 this Sunday, Funchal had registered a maximum temperature of 25.8º C, less 2.0ºC than yesterday. With the values ​​rising to the maximum temperatures, several places in Madeira have already reached high temperatures until 12:00 this Sunday, above 25.0º C. Porto Moniz is the second municipality with the highest maximum temperature, having reached 27, 8 º C. Since midnight on Sunday, Lugar de Baixo (26.0ºC), Caniçal, with 26.7ºC, Santa Catarina (25.6ºC) and Porto Santo (25.5ºC), were other places with temperatures high maximum.

Pico Alto (20.0ºC), Bica da Cana (20.9ºC) and Pico do Areeiro (21.5ºC) are the places with the lowest maximum temperature since 00:00 on Sunday.

Madeira is under yellow warning for warm weather on the North Coast, South Coast and Porto Santo, until 9 pm on Tuesday, due to the persistence of high values ​​of the maximum temperature.

From Jornal Madeira

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