Temperature at Pico Alto reached 28.1 ºC this morning

The persistence of hot weather announced that, since yesterday, the mountainous regions of Madeira under red warning (extreme risk), was felt last night, especially in the intermediate and high elevations of the island.

Pico Alto, at an altitude of 1,118 meters, where the temperature throughout the night fluctuated between 25.1 ºC minimum (at 07:10) and 28.1 ºC maximum (at 02:30).

Also very significant were the 27.1 ºC (at 02:00) in Lombo da Terça/Achadas da Cruz, or the 26.2 ºC (at 01:50) in Prazeres.

Along the coastline, Santa Cruz/Aeroporto recorded the highest temperature value (25.9 ºC) while on the North coast, this was the case in Porto Moniz (22.3 ºC).

Until dawn this Sunday, the 15th, the lowest maximum temperature was registered in Santo da Serra (18.3 ºC), while the lowest minimum was felt in Santana (15.4 ºC).

From Diário Notícias

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