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Jet2 increases flights to Madeira

I have never seen the island so busy and a completely younger generation of visitor. Its difficult to go anywhere without it being busy, and bars and restaurants are struggling as they cannot get the staff. Popular locations around the island are very busy not only with tourists but with vehicles, and makes it pretty stressful in places.

If you are looking for car hire for the next few weeks expect to pay almost 100 euros a day for a small car, but cars are very thin on the ground, and will continue to be in to September.

Parking is becoming a problem in some places and also lack of public toilets in certain tourist areas.

The airline Jet2, whose operation represents 32 percent of the offer of seats on direct flights between the United Kingdom and the Region, this month offers 12.5 thousand seats.

Demand has increased so much for the region that the airline has increased seats and a new Sunday flight from Stansted.

To Madeira, Jet2 reinforced its offer in September and October with another flight a week from Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds Bradford, according to the international press.

The reinforcement of Birmingham is with a flight on Fridays, thus starting to fly twice a week from that airport to Funchal. From Manchester, the extra flight is on Saturdays and the offer increases to three weekly frequencies. The reinforcement of Leeds Bradford is with a flight on Fridays, starting to operate two weekly frequencies.

These flights reinforce Jet2’s schedule to Madeira, which already had weekly flights from Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle, and two flights a week from London Stansted.

With the reinforcement, Jet2 has scheduled 14 flights a week between the UK and Madeira, in September and October.