Temperature reaches 36.7 ºC in Prazeres and is a new record for the year in Madeira

The Prazeres meteorological station once again set a new record for the maximum temperature recorded this year in Madeira, having reached this afternoon (until 16:00) the scorching value of 36.7 ºC.

On what is now the hottest day of the year in Madeira, the intermediate elevations on the south coast of Madeira also registered very high extremes of maximum temperature, with emphasis on the maximum temperature of 35.3 ºC at Quinta Grande, and the 35.0 ºC recorded at Monte.

In mountainous regions, it was in Bica da Cana where the temperature rose the most (32.3 ºC), while on the north coast of Madeira, Santana leads in the heat (28.5 ºC).

From Diário Notícias