Visiting Madeira

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What You Need to Know About Madeira

Important Things to Know Before Visiting Madeira in Portugal

Meta Description: Avid tourists can describe Madeira as a blue and ever-green highland with endless exotic fruits, particularly passion fruits and bananas. The region also offers exhilarating waterfalls, caves, trails, and good holiday weather. Check out this guide if you are planning to be a tourist in Madeira.

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Madeira is undoubtedly among the beautiful islands around the world for many reasons. Besides hosting expansive carpets of green vegetation and forests, you will be amazed by menacing mountains, exotic wildlife, and many unexplored landscapes ready for any enthusiastic tourist. You can be enjoying your Book of Ra free game by the beach breeze as you taste various delicacies.

Those who have visited this place before have also approved its year-round warm weather, making it a perfect holiday destination in Portugal. That said, consider the following tips as you plan to tour the island.


1.   When is the Best Time to Visit?

The raging coronavirus pandemic has led to unexpected traveling restrictions all over the world. Therefore, before planning your tourist visit, begin by finding out if Madeira is open for tourism. While Madeira tourism has been affected by COVID, recent restrictions have made it possible for some tourist centers to open up.

That said, Madeira is always busy with tourists all through the year. However, if you aren’t looking for crowded parties common for the Eiffel towers, Hollywood Signs, and Niagara Falls, try to avoid visits during the summer holidays. Nonetheless, some cities, such as Funchal, Southern Island, and the Eastern part of the island, are less crowded.

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2.   How to Get to Madeira

From the maps, it may look expensive to visit Madeira due to the long-distance, which isn’t true, especially for any enthusiastic tourist. Several direct routes operate from Europe, London, Lisboa, Amsterdam, and other cities that can shorten your flight. You can search for the cheapest and shortest flights to the island, depending on your location.


3.   For How Long Should You Plan Your Vacation?

Creating a schedule is very important for any tourist. Therefore, before visiting Madeira, ensure that you identify various places to visit. While most tourists plan for a weeks’ stay, this might not be enough for you given the many tourist attractions in Madeira. To avoid rushing during your visit, schedule at least a 10-day visit. If you have more than that, the better.

4.   How to Get Around

There are many options for getting around as you explore this green island. However, as a first-time tourist in Madeira, make sure that you get much tourist information before leaving Madeira airport. However, if you are comfortable with driving, renting a car is probably the most convenient way of exploring Madeira.

If renting a car isn’t viable for you as a tourist, you can base your trip in Funchal and either hire a taxi driver, book daily tours, or use a bus. As for the buses, you should be aware of various tourist buses in Madeira. They include an orange tourist bus, which operates within Funchal, a red tourist bus, which operates the western part of Madeira, and a green tourist bus, which goes to the eastern part of Madeira. Tickets for all these buses are purchased on board.


5.   What to See

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As already mentioned, Madeira is endowed with many tourist attractions that you can’t visit within one week. Some of the top tourist attractions include:

  1. The Tropical Garden Monte Palace
  2. Sunrise at Pico Do Arieiro
  3. Cabo Girao
  4. The Sugar Cane Factory Museum
  5. Ponta do Pargo
  6. Achadas da Crus, and many more



Despite being a small island, Madeira offers a lot of adventures and activities for all types of tourists. However, to enjoy your visit, note that apart from all these attractions, the island takes great pride in Cristiano Ronaldo. Therefore, drop all your other jerseys before visiting the island. If you have been there before, what are other amazing activities that every tourist should partake in? Please share with us in the comments.

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