Find out where PSP will put the radars in September in Madeira

The sites where the Public Security Police will monitor the speed of vehicles using radar have already been disclosed.

This September, speed checks will be made in seven sections and will start next Monday.

It must be borne in mind that other inspections that have not been made public may take place.


September 6 – 13h-VR 1 (East/West) – Câmara de Lobos

10th of September – 08h-VR 1 – São Pedro

September 17-14h-Rua Velha da Ajuda

18th September-18h-VE 1 – Tunnel do Cortado/VE 1 – Moinhos Faial

22nd September – 08h-VR 1 – Cam. do Passeio viaduct – São Martinho

September 29-07h-VR-1 – Quinta Grande