According to Jornal Madeira, a group of tourists, allegedly three women, were lost in the mountains of Madeira.

It is not known how long they were missing, nor under what circumstances it occurred. However, it came to our knowledge that the citizens were already found at the Bica da Cana viewpoint.

The case is under the jurisdiction of the Forest Police and PSP.

In an Update 

Earlier this morning, the missing tourists were found. However, new details are known.

Contrary to what we reported at an early stage, it is now known that there were only two German nationals (not three) who were lost following a walk in the mountains of Madeira.

The women were taking a walk and were getting ready to make the journey between Encumeada and Bica da Cana when they became out of touch, having spent the night in the open.

As Manuel Filipe, president of the IFCN – Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, said, the German ones “were found well”, although they showed signs of hypothermia.

The same source explained to the newspaper that the searches began last night, after the alert had been given by the Civil Protection.

Four members of the Forestry Police were designated for the rescue, supported on the ground by the Ribeira Brava Fire Brigade, the IFCN leader assured the JM.

However, we do not have information whether, after being found this morning in the Bica da Cana area, the tourists were or were not sent to the hospital.

From Jornal Madeira

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