Madeira is the fifth most popular national location for luxury housing by foreigners

Lisbon and Faro are the most sought after districts by foreigners, for the purchase of luxury properties, according to a study carried out by the idealista, which analyzes the international origin of the research of properties for sale in Portugal, for more than 1 million euros.

This international interest in luxury properties in Portugal is concentrated mostly in six districts, which accumulate 88.8% of visits looking for luxury homes for sale in the country. Foreign citizens with special interest in luxury properties in Portugal are the Spanish (11.7%), followed by the English (11.6%), North Americans (9.7%), French (9.5%) and Germans (8.9%).

After Lisbon, Faro, Setúbal and Porto, Madeira comes in fifth place, concentrating 4% of luxury searches carried out in Portugal by foreigners. The English (21.1%) and Germans (20.9%) are the most active in demand, followed by the North Americans (5.4%), Swiss (4.6%) and French with 4.3% of the surveys.

From Diário Notícias

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