Madeiran emigrant missing a week ago in the UK

A 49-year-old Madeiran emigrant has been missing since last Friday in the UK. The family has already alerted the police and the Portuguese community has already joined together in spreading the information to help find the individual.

Virgilio Pereira is 49 years old and has been in the UK for about three years. About a year ago he moved from Crawley town to a more southerly seaside town, Littlehampton.

“He has been missing for about 5 days and was living with a sister”, said Virgílio Pereira’s brother. He explained that before emigrating to the United Kingdom, he had already been emigrated to Venezuela.

The missing emigrant in the UK worked in a catering company at Gatwick airport, and was very well known to the Madeiran community.

In these last days, the emigrants are sharing with each other in order to reach Virgílio Pereira’s whereabouts.

From Diário Notícias

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