Missing tourist planned to take 12 days of hiking in Madeira

The tourist of French nationality who is missing in Madeira intended to walk for 12 days, totaling 220 kilometers. The information was confirmed to the DIARY by a friend, who assumes that Benoit Way may have chosen to travel a path not recommended.

On Wednesday, the day of his last contact, the Frenchman completed the 4th stage of his route and friends and family found it strange that, at the end of the day, he had not published a summary of the route on Facebook, as he usually did.

Benoit Way walks with equipment that allows him to camp, namely a tent, where he spends the night. The tourist shared with his friends that he would sleep in the Queimadas Forest Park, waking up at 7 am on Wednesday, and following the trail towards Caldeirão Verde. The plan had a day off, on Sunday, and the night before I had to sleep in local accommodation, booked through Airbnb, which did not come true.

The planning of this ‘adventure’ through the mountains of Madeira was made using the ‘All Trails’ application, which, in addition to the recommended routes, has the collaboration of hikers, who can share coordinates from other trails. Friends of the French citizen believe that they may have used these references to plan their route, which included passages through places of high altitude and slope.

The family and friends ask the Madeirans to collaborate in providing information that may lead to finding the whereabouts of Benoit Way. There is an indication, according to the paths previously shared by the Frenchman, that he may have passed through Caldeirão do Inferno, then using the branch towards the parish of Ilha. Then, head to Chão das Faias and Levada dos Tornos, in the direction of Boca das Voltas.

From Diário Notícias

These are the last photos posted on Benoit Way Facebook page.


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