Porto Santo reached 173 cases in August

The month of August is traditionally strong in terms of tourism, and this year it was no exception. However, this year was equally strong in terms of covid contacts, as there were many contagions on the island of Porto Santo.

Rogério Correia, delegate and director of the local health center, took stock of the month that has just ended. “The month of August was the month with the most cases of Covid, because of the erratic behavior of some young people and their families.

173 cases in August 

“In the month of August we counted 173 cases, of these 173, 97 were under 18 years old, which corresponds to 56% of the cases we had”, said Rogério Correia to DIÁRIO.

The director of the health center added that “these 173 cases peaked in the third week of August, the weekend of August 21/22, in which we had 91 cases.”

“These cases were distributed over 32 places, but only seven had residents in Porto Santo, and only three were exclusively from people from the island of Porto Santo,” said Rogério Correia.

The local health delegate added: “We spoke in 173 cases… we had to give a prompt response, we appreciate the help that SESARAM, the regional secretary, gave in strengthening the staff we had, giving more beds to all these people, because there really weren’t only the 173 cases, but it was  all their high-risk contacts that had to be isolated as well”.

From Diário Notícias

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