Winds cause a few problems at the Airport

Madeira feels the effects of the strong wind forecast, with the gusts exceeding 70 km/h in intensity. For now, the wind ‘pushed’ a plane that was scheduled to land at 11:45 am, at Madeira Airport, and which ended up diverting. It is a flight operated by TAP (TP 1697) from Lisbon, having returned to its origins after several turns around Santa Cruz.

At this moment, there are three planes waiting for the intensity of the wind to slow down so that an opportunity to land on dry land opens up.

Two flights – operated by the same company, easyJet – are from the UK (London and Bristol), the other from the city of Munich (Lufthansa).

Looking at the airport app, it looks like all these flights eventually landed.

The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal extended until 6:00 am this Friday, the warning of bad weather (strong wind and sea) for the seafront, based on information received from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere.

Remember that Madeira is under yellow warning due to the moderate to strong northeast wind, sometimes with gusts up to 70 km/h in the extremes of the East and West. IPMA expects the notice to remain in effect until 6 pm on Thursday.

From Diário Notícias

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