A hot start to October

Although already in autumn, the month of October started with high temperatures in the Region.

Today, until solar noon (2 pm), all 22 meteorological stations in the IPMA network in the Madeira Archipelago recorded air temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, with Bica da Cana recording the highest extreme value (27.4°C). ).

The same applies to the temperature of seawater. After yesterday afternoon it rose to 25.4ºC, today, according to the records of the ondograph buoy near the Port of Funchal, the maximum temperature was 24.6ºC, in the last hour.

It should be remembered that tropical nights in Madeira (minimum air temperature above 20 degrees Celsius), common in towns along the coastline, were also felt this Saturday in the mountains of Funchal.

From Diário Notícias

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