Discos reopen in Madeira with the ‘strength’ of youth

It was a ‘half-gas’ start if compared to other times, but it served to unrust the bones on the dance floor. Discos reopened yesterday in Madeira after 11 months after the last time it was allowed to dance – in November 2020, but most stayed closed so are reopening after 19 months of closure since the pandemic began.

The strength of youth was notorious in this long-awaited return and Diário Notícias followed the atmosphere at the door and inside clubs such as Copacabana, Vintage and Dubai Club until 3 am this Saturday – spaces where admissions are only allowed through presentation of the digital certificate of vaccination or recovered patient from Covid-19, as defined by the Regional Government.

Regarding this issue, there were some who arrived at the doors of the clubs without the certificate, especially tourists, who are not yet aware of the new measures. About the susceptibility of the certificate to be falsified, many security guards also end up demanding the presentation of an identification document.

From Diário Notícias