How was the Flower Festival for you all?

There was a great atmosphere in Funchal, on another very hot sunny day.

I didn’t see much of the parade, but it was full of colour, but a little slow I thought.

A huge shame to see so many empty seats, they could have offed residence a discounted price and made more money and make the stands look a bit more lively.

I was happy to see most people had taken their masks off on the stands, and Miguel Albuquerque, was also on the stands not wearing his mask, along with others in his group, so he seems to think rules apply for one and not the other, a great shame.

I know many people who didn’t buy tickets and they would not sit in the heat with the masks on, so I think they have lost out big time with this.

Avenida Arriaga was very busy and the stalls were doing a good trade, I was so surprised to see some places closed, on probably one of the busiest days in Funchal since covid began.

Below a few photos from today. I will post photos of the parade also a little later.



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