Incidence charts for Madeira and Portugal

Thanks to Dietmar Weiß for the updated charts and the text below.
While the month of September has been a good one on the national Portuguese level, with the incidence rates going down continuously in almost all regions, the incidence on the islands (Azores & Madeira) has been increasing again recently.
On Madeira, the city of Funchal dominates the island statistics. In the last ten days, the number of newly detected infections  there has almost been up to the August levels again.
Bearing in mind that – due to colder weather in the coming months – society life might shift a bit more towards indoor contacts, we might see another rise in the weekly Covid data soon.
So, focussing on vaccinations for everybody who can be addressed might be our best option in the coming winter season.
Click on the links below to view the charts.
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