Cases of covid-19 on the ship ‘MSC Splendida’ in the port of Funchal

Today, in Funchal, several passengers of the cruise ship ‘MSC Splendida’ infected with covid-19 disembarked.

Fonte da Saúde confirmed this situation to the Diário Notícias , although he did not say the exact number of positive passengers, which, as we were able to ascertain, will be close to ten.

Also, more than two dozen passengers who are considered high-risk contacts of the identified positive cases disembarked.

Some passengers, contacted by Diario, speak of breach of security protocol and non-compliance with the stipulated measures.

According to these reports, the situation was identified on the 20th of November, the date from which they accuse the cruise company of not being clear about the information it made available and of not having discretion in the implementation of contingency measures.

From Diário Notícias

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