Home in Câmara de Lobos with five elderly people infected with covid-19

I really don’t understand why they have not closed the homes for a few weeks.

There are five elderly people infected with covid-19 at the ‘Lar Câmara de Lobos Living Care’, a unit of the same group as ‘Atalaia Living Care’.

According to a source in the direction of that institution, all the elderly are well and without serious symptoms of the disease. All of them had the complete vaccination program against covid-19, a factor that, according to the same source, will have been decisive for these people not to have been affected by a serious disease.

This small outbreak, in Câmara de Lobos, led the establishment’s management to reinforce the need for only users with two doses of vaccine to be admitted to units of this nature. “This should be a criterion for staying in NETWORK units or nursing homes”, they referred, under penalty of an unvaccinated person being able to jeopardize the safety of the users who were vaccinated.

As has been widely pointed out by health authorities, the vaccine does not prevent contagion, but it reduces the risk of serious illness as well as the risk of transmission, as they believe to be the case.

From Diário Notícias

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