It is already this weekend that ARAE intends to initiate a greater inspection in the discotheques in order to avoid fraud with vaccination certificates.

The ARAE (Regional Authority for Economic Activities) will start this weekend, in all Madeiran clubs, a reinforced inspection to prevent fraud. Admitting some infractions since the discotheques reopened their doors after more than a year and a half of closing because of the pandemic, Miguel Albuquerque says that this decision to reinforce inspection is not aimed at chasing anyone, but trying to avoid retreats from the restrictive measures.

Miguel Albuquerque recalled that, in clubs, only people with vaccinations can enter. “We will not allow fraud. If there are frauds, they will be fined!”, warns the president of the Regional Government, to add that the finalist parties themselves have to be made with tests.

“There was some easing and easing is terrible for what we want, highlighted the president of the Regional Government.

From Jornal Madeira