Huge lack of staff

So with the post yesterday about the hotel sector finding it difficult to find staff, it’s seems to be a problem all over.

As well as the hotels, the Savoy Group who were not mentioned, and probable one of the worse at treating their staff They have had full page adverts in the neespapers for a number of their hotels, with full lists of jobs on offer in each hotel.

Not only hotels are suffering though, many shops and restaurants are also desperate for staff, and especially in restaurants you can really notice the lack of service in many, which is a huge shame especially if you are a regular customer to these places.

So where has everyone gone, and as we know it’s not just a problem here, it seems to be a problem globally.

I think with Madeira, many have left the island, the people we have now are not trained or have very little experience, and places with a high staff turnover suffer more, which shows that staff are not looked after or treated well.

Fuel can be another issue, which such high prices at the moment, who can afford to travel each day, it could be almost half your salary used in fuel for your car each month.

Other areas are also suffering, I think the construction sector is one of those suffering, especially with many going to work at the new hospital under construction.

Many people ask what’s going on and why there is such a lack of staff, and I really don’t have any other answers.


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