Drunk mountain guide gave false alert to 112 in Caldeirão Verde

A man, a mountain guide by profession, who, allegedly, was intoxicated, caused a great uproar this afternoon in Caldeirão Verde, AgoraMadeira knows.

As it was possible to ascertain, the man gave a false alert to 112, realizing that there was a German tourist feeling unwell inside the Vale da Lapa Tunnel, having mobilized the Santana Volunteer Firefighters and the Forest Police to the scene – a news advanced by AgoraMadeira based on this alert that mobilized relief resources.

After several attempts made at the site, no woman was seen who, at one point, was reported missing.

However, the Forest Police would later find the aforementioned man who was hiding at the scene looking for help. He was taken by firefighters to the Santana Health Center where he had to report to the PSP that he went to the health unit.

According to information gathered, this was not the first time that this man, a mountain guide, gave a false alert when he was intoxicated.

From Agora Madeira

Lets hope that’s him finished from this kind of work on the island. 

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