Mass testing for all including visitors

So I am in touch with the Tourism Board, and still waiting for some answers.

All measures in place will include everyone, so they includes tourism.

One of the main issues here is the fact that a tourist can still enter Madeira with just their vaccination certificate, but then after the 27th, they can’t do anything other than visit a supermarket or ride on a bus….

So they will need to be tested.

I have asked if the tests are also free for visitors?

Will there be more testing sites?

Will hotels be able to test guests?

Will entry in Madeira change so visitors come with an Antigen test to cover their first week?

If you have anymore questions please put in the comments below this blog post, please do not ask on Facebook, as I have no time to check comments on Facebook as well.

I’m getting many emails, and trying to answer all as quickly as possible, and also in the comments on my site.