“No one can be discriminated against for not being vaccinated. We are united and we will be eternally united in several demonstrations that we will do throughout the month to determine, once and for all, that this is unconstitutional”, words of Sara Santo, one of the protesters who took part. finds, at this moment, at the door of the Quinta Vigia.

“The unvaccinated are the ones who are within the law and Miguel Albuquerque is committing a crime. He will end up in prison”, says Helena Alves, another protester who is part of the group.

Absolutely against the president who should be the first to honor the law, Helena claims that an international criminal complaint will be filed against Albuquerque.
In the peaceful demonstration, the group appeals to the population that if they have an employer who demands the vaccine, to proceed with a criminal complaint against the employer. “It seems that the first defenders of Freedom are trying to align themselves with the Dictatorship”, he concluded.

From Jornal Madeira

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