Possibility of very unstable weather next week.

It was nice to get some rain yesterday evening, not sure if all the island had rain, we even had a clap of thunder in the night as well.

Tomorrow could see some more rain, but then all eyes are on next week, as we are looking at some very unstable weather.

From Sunday the weather will change, becoming windy wet which could cause a few problems. The weather could still worsen further from Thursday, a long way off yet, but this situation will be monitored.

This below taken from MeteoRAM Facebook page.

The 2 largest reference models carry a lot in the forecast of Total Accumulated Rain until next week between 240/270mm, there is a situation that requires high monitoring, which is the possibility of a high activity depression with very unstable cores from Thursday with air masses and sub tropical characteristics, nothing is guaranteed and we are still far away and could change depending on the Anticyclonic movement, but it is a situation that is gaining strength in the forecasts.