Two luxury properties in Madeira purchased in cryptocurrencies

Really not to sure if there is any truth in this story, but have the link to the story on the Diário Notícias and another link to the story on another PT site below.

Anyone know anything about this or where these properties might be built.?

Prometheus International sold the first two properties of the ‘Aurora’ and ‘Saudade’ coastal projects on the island of Madeira, for a total value of 4.1 million euros. Properties were paid for in cryptocurrency through ‘blockchain’ technology.

Prometheus CEO Priyesh Patel revealed this Thursday, October 21, that the company closed the deal in August to sell two luxury homes, paid for in the Cardano cryptocurrency.

The company has developed new protocols that allow the integration of this new market area in its internal requirements ‘Know Your Costumer’ (know your customer) to complete the transaction in euros before registration and thus make it compatible with European laws.

The purchase of properties will also be available as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), allowing future owners to resell properties with just one click, through the ‘Blockchain’ technology. Prometheus’ legal team will ensure that ownership transfers and registrations comply with all applicable laws, until governments adopt the technology in their processes.

Prometheus currently focuses its activity in the Region, defining itself as a company whose mission is “to ensure the construction of luxury properties of the highest quality, integrating innovation, intelligent technology and superior quality products to create the most beautiful properties in the world. planet”.

The process includes the choice of locations, management of the architectural project, construction, integration of Smart Home functionalities until delivery of the final product to the customer – furnished and ready to occupy. “The customer enters their home for the first time as if they were entering a luxury hotel”, explains the CEO of Prometheus, which only manufactures products that meet very high standards. The company calls its approach Architecture for a Life Worth Living, or “Architecture for a life worth living”.

The company currently has five luxury real estate projects in Madeira, others are under development, having created more than 50 indirect jobs in the Region.

The projects have “a level of execution and completion unparalleled in the region”, says the company’s CEO. The ‘Aurora and Interstellar’ projects, in Calheta, and the ‘Saudade’ project, in Ponta do Sol, are expected to be delivered in 2022, with a total value exceeding 15 million euros. The company highlights that it is “the first and most expensive acquisition of a luxury property in Portugal since the blockchain revolution”.

Prometheus has several interested buyers and two of the houses have already been sold before completion. Two other projects in Calheta, ‘Valhalla’, are under development, along with the ‘Royal Blockhouse’ set for deployment in Portugal.


Prometheus is developing a pioneering project called ‘The Royal Blockhouse’, together with some of the biggest European influencers in the field, bringing together two aspects of the ‘blockchain’ revolution: the NFT and Blockchain infrastructure, this being the first of its kind in the real estate world.

The Royal Blockhouse consists of a set of international luxury villas, designed by Prometheus, Scandinavian and Portuguese architects. They will be available in idyllic locations around the world within a month, setting a new standard within the international real estate development space for luxury properties.

The houses will be fully managed in the blockchain, from smart home functionalities, licensing, property rights, rental, fees, technology, access, payments, condominium, among others.
Investors will be able to purchase luxury properties as a group and earn money from the rents, holding tokens that represent a part of a property. This will allow you to take advantage of the income streams from the rents without having to buy the underlying asset at full price.

From Diário Notícias

On this link below you can see many more images of the properties.

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