Torrential rain in Santo da Serra and Funchal

In Santo da Serra and Funchal the rainy night became torrential in the early morning hours. Today, until 7:00 am, in the mountainous location, the amount of precipitation in three hours – 59.9 liters per square meter (mm) – was already on the verge of ‘overflowing’ to a red warning value within 6 hours (+ 60 mm ). The highest reached 71.3 mm/6h, and 34.3 mm/1h (orange warning), with a further 20.0 mm recorded in just half an hour.

In downtown Funchal/Observatory, very significant values ​​were also recorded, with emphasis on the extremes of orange warning of 28.7 mm/1h and 51.3 mm/6h. Funchal that, around 01 am, would be devastated by a deluge, accumulating, in short periods of time, yellow (11.6 mm/10 min) and orange (23.8 mm/30 min) warning values.

Also in Funchal, the Monte meteorological station also registered significant precipitation: 40.9 mm/6h (orange warning) and 14.5 mm/1h (yellow warning).

Moreover, in the entire IPMA network in Madeira and Porto Santo, only at Cancela/SRPC did the rain reach ‘yellow’ (10.3 mm/1h).

Until the last hour there was no record of precipitation on the southwest coast of Madeira, between Ponta do Sol and Ponta do Pargo, nor on São Vicente and Porto Santo.

At dawn the IPMA issued a yellow warning for precipitation in the Madeira Archipelago, in effect until 09:00.

From Diário Notícias