Two cruise ships are already in the port of Funchal

The cruise ship ‘Seabourn Ovation’, as planned, arrived today before sunrise for its debut at the Port of Funchal. It is berthed at the north pier, next to the extension of the international maritime station.

Soon after, the giant of the day arrived, the ‘Mein Schiff 4’, which returns to a port where it made its debut more than six years ago. It is moored in the longest part of Pontinha, right after the fort called Molhe.

The ‘Ovation’, which carries the Bahamian flag, has been sailing since May 2018, having had almost a year and a half stopped, as has almost the entire cruise industry because of the covid-19 pandemic.

It arrives in Funchal from Tenerife with 342 passengers on board and 461 crew on duty, staying there until around 5 pm, before setting off for Lisbon.

The fourth ‘Meu Navio’ (Mein Schiff, translated from German) is registered in Malta and made its first voyage in June 2015 (months later it debuted in Funchal). It is the largest ship to call the Port of Funchal today and must be the one with the largest number of passengers (1,186) and crew (833) on this trip, precisely in the opposite direction, as it comes from Lisbon and heads for Lanzarote.

Today the Port of Funchal will receive another ship, the AIDAmar, which is scheduled to arrive at 6 pm and, therefore, will stay overnight. It brings about 1,100 passengers and 700 crew, it comes from Lisbon and goes to the eruptive La Palma.

From Diário Notícias

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