Murdered mother and child buried today.

The woman and child murdered last December 20 at the hands of their respective husband and father, by this order, are going to be buried today in the Nossa Senhora das Angústias cemetery, in São Martinho.

It should be remembered that the crime that took place in Rua da Casa Branca shocked Madeira, having been perpetrated by the victims’ husband and father, who ended up committing suicide.

The mass with the present body of the victims takes place at 1:00 pm today at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Old Church of São Martinho).

“Those who pass us, don’t go alone, don’t leave us alone. They leave a little of themselves, they take a little of us”, can be read in the participation that the bereaved family addressed.

It’s noted the mother asked for help at least 4 times due to death threats from the husband, which were all ignored by the authorities.

From Jornal Madeira

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