Direct flights between Jersey and Madeira sold out

December flights sold out in a few days. Despite the ticket price being high, the Madeiran community in Jersey wanted more flights at this time, revealing that our fellow citizens are eager to visit the Region.

The direct flights between Jersey and Madeira scheduled for the month of December sold out in a few days, a sign of the great desire of the Madeiran community to visit the Region.

This was said by the regional director for Communities and External Cooperation, Rui Abreu, during the second day of the official visit to Jersey.

Given the constraints of the pandemic, the links between the two islands were practically interrupted, forcing those traveling between Jersey and Funchal to have to stop in London or Lisbon, explained the Madeiran official.

So, to respond to the growing demand, two travel agencies organized six charter flights in December, seven flights in January and four in April, all operated by British Airways.

“December flights are completely full, although the ticket price is a little expensive. This demonstrates that our fellow citizens, family and friends are eager to visit Madeira, after two years without traveling due to the pandemic crisis”, stated Rui Abreu.

However, he continued, “the Madeiran community thinks that there should be more direct flights to Madeira this festive season, which demonstrates that there is more demand than supply.”

From Diário Notícias