Pre-departure test now needed to travel to UK.

With Omicron cases growing, the British government have announced that everyone traveling to the UK will need a pre-departure test fir Covid-19, 48 hours before traveling.

This can be a PCR or Lateral flow test I believe, and will result in another huge blow for aviation and tourism.

I guess this will also put pressure on the testing here in Madeira, which again has done nothing but harm tourism, causing stress and people queuing. This mass testing on the island for just over a week now has not shown any rise in cases, and 90% of places, restaurants, bars and shopping centres and supermarkets are not even bothering to check for either a test or if you have had the vaccine.

Anyone needing a test which comes I to force at 4am on Tuesday in England, and I believe Scotland have followed the same rules, testing tents are in Funchal, plus the Pharmacies, expect to queue for a while though. You can also try private clinics and the private hospital. Results are emailed to you withing a few hours, or you might be able to pick up a printed copy.

You will find more information on the UK GOV website.