The deployment of an EMIR medical team in Porto Santo will be during the period of inoperability of the Lobo Marinho vessel, scheduled from January 5th to February 14th, 2022.

The expenses arising from EMIR’s travel are “estimated at €71,622.00, calculated based on Joint Dispatch No. 100/2017, of 6 July, of the Regional Secretariats for Finance and Public Administration and for Inclusion and Social Affairs” , and already published in JORAM.

Since 2015, EMIR’s missions in Porto Santo have been frequent during the summer period, from 2018 onwards, EMIR also became frequent during the Easter and São João Festival periods, in 2019 during the Carnival period and in 2020 during the period of inoperability of the Lobo Marinho vessel, which ensures maritime connections with the island of Porto Santo. For 2022, the GR already ensures the presence of EMIR while Lobo Marinho is in dry dock, guaranteeing the continuation of the EMIR mission in Porto Santo 2022, also from February 26 to March 2, 2022, during the period of Carnival.

During this extended period of six and a half weeks, it will allow the medical team of the Regional Emergency Medical Service (SEMER) to “develop information and sensitization actions to the population, in coordination with local authorities and the maintenance of certification levels for firefighters in the Porto Santo’s fire brigade”, reveals the resolution: The document adds that “EMIR’s intervention in Porto Santo is only possible provided that there is joint support from various institutions, namely the Public Administration Office of Porto Santo, the Center for Health Dr. Francisco Rodrigues Jardim and the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Porto Santo”.