Rain in São Vicente reached red warning amount

São Vicente was the only location in the IPMA meteorological station network in Madeira to record a very significant amount of rain, namely 23.9 mm/1h (orange warning) and 63.2 mm/6h (red warning), extremes of precipitation occurred between late last night and early morning today.

The peak of rain occurred around 23:20 yesterday (7.3 mm/10 min; 18.5 mm/30 min), and the amount for red warning in the 6 hour interval was reached in just over 3 hours .

Rain that also reached yellow warning values ​​in Santana (14.4 mm/1h and 38.5 mm/6h), Ponta de São Jorge (16.1 mm/1h and 33.1 mm/6h), Caniçal (11, 4 mm/1h and 32.6 mm/6h), Santo da Serra (16.3 mm/1h), Monte (11.3 mm/1h) and Ponta do Pargo (10.1 mm/1h).