The Regional Government places the responsibility of determining the rules for Market Night to the Funchal Câmara

“Who will determine these rules – Night of the Market – is the down to the Câmara Funchal, in line with what is the opinion of Health”, assured the president of the Regional Government a moment ago.

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the Farmadeira company, in Caniço, and about the Market Night in Funchal, he said only that the Regional Health Department had already been working on the sanitary measures to be determined.

Contrary to what he said at the beginning of the week, Albuquerque clarifies that “who is going to make this announcement” is the person who has the competence and supervision of the event, that is, it will be up to the “mayor of Funchal.

We are going to send a set of procedures that must be followed from a health point of view to the President of the Chamber” who by tomorrow must “announce the rules and procedures” to be implemented in this year’s edition of Mercado Noite.

From Diário Notícias

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