15 bottles of wine and 200 euros were stolen from a restaurant in Funchal

The Tahiti restaurant, located on Rua das Pretas, in Funchal, was robbed on the night of Saturday to Sunday. The thieves stole liquor and cash from the cash register.

According to the owner, the robbers broke the glass of the door to get into the establishment.

They stole around 15 bottles of wine, valued at approximately 400 euros, plus 200 euros from the cash fund.

The owner of the restaurant only became aware of the robbery the next morning, when he went to the place and found the glass damaged.

He then alerted the Public Security Police, who took care of the incident, collecting elements for the investigation. PSP agents took fingerprints and viewed video surveillance cameras to try to identify the culprits.

According to the victim, this is the second time the restaurant has been robbed. Last time the thieves “caused enormous damage”.

From Diário Notícias


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